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students in a classroom talkingMore than 6,000 UC Davis students were awarded scholarships during 2014-15, with close to $22.5 million paid to undergraduates. Scholarships are funded by individuals, corporations, professional associations, alumni and directly by the university.

How to Apply for UC Davis Undergraduate and Prestigious Scholarships

  1. Complete the UC undergraduate application for admission and scholarships to automatically apply for most scholarships offered through UC Davis. The application provides detailed information regarding the scholarship process and deadlines.
  2. Carefully review eligibility criteria for restricted scholarships listed in the application—some scholarships have special requirements and may require additional materials for consideration.
  3. Submit your UC application between November 1 and November 30 to be considered for scholarships.
  4. Most students are notified of their scholarship awards between early May and late July.

Regents Scholarships

Regents Scholarships, the university's most prestigious, are granted to students with exceptional academic records. Four-year Regents Scholarship awards during 2017-18 started at $7,500 annually and qualified students with demonstrated financial need received an additional stipend. Admitted students who have been selected to receive the Regents Scholarship will be notified when they receive their offer of admission.

Alumni Scholarships

The Cal Aggie Alumni Association (CAAA) awards alumni scholarships to entering students from California, Oregon and Washington who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents. Students do not need to have an affiliation with CAAA or a relative who attended UC Davis.

The minimum UC GPA requirement is 3.50 for freshman applicants and 3.25 in transferable coursework for applicants from community colleges. An online essay must be submitted as part of the application by May 1. CAAA scholars are notified of their awards in June.

Outside Scholarships

In addition to UC Davis scholarships, thousands of community, regional and national scholarships are available to college-bound students. Visit the Financial Aid and Scholarships website to learn about the many awards and search services available through outside organizations and how these impact your financial aid award.