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go be great commencement uc davis

How to find your UC Davis commencement video clips

Attention undergraduates: commencement has arrived! Partnering with StageClip, we are making it easy for graduates to create and share professional looking memories to last a lifetime from one of your biggest moments!

Here you’ll be able to find video of your big moment on stage receiving your diploma. You’ll be able to watch, keep and share this amazing accomplishment with your friends and family on social media.

Congratulations on this milestone achievement! Go. Be Great.

How StageClip works:

Don’t worry about the video; we livestream commencement for you. That livestream is then edited into thousands of individualized moments, all tailored to each student. Those moments will then be available to download as soon as the graduate receives an email notification with a link to download the video.

How to receive your email:

Are you registered to walk? Then you’re already signed up to receive an email about your commencement clip!