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If you are a School of Education, Law, Nursing, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, or Graduate School of Management student, visit your school's website for information regarding your graduation ceremonies.

Tickets are not required for Graduate Studies.

Who can get tickets:

Tickets are only available to current undergraduate students (in the Colleges of Agricultural and Environmental Science, Biological Science, Engineering, or Letters and Science) who are registered for the upcoming commencement. All students are responsible for printing their own tickets. Tickets are not for sale. Any student who is found selling tickets or in possession of counterfeit tickets will have all of their existing tickets rescinded and they will be reported to Student Judicial Affairs. Any guest who is found selling tickets or in possession of counterfeit tickets at commencement will lose their privilege of admittance to the venue. Tickets are distributed based on the venue’s capacity deemed by the Fire Marshal and the number of graduates.

Each college has a different number of graduates and is therefore able to distribute a different number of tickets per ceremony.

Please note that students may petition for extra tickets when they register to participate. The petitions are reviewed by the college coordinators who approve or disapprove petitions after the Extra Ticket Petition deadline has passed. Note that petitions are not guarantees of additional tickets.

How to get tickets:

The commencement coordinator for your college will email a student ticket printing letter with instructions on how to print your tickets about 2 weeks prior to commencement. You must register to participate in the ceremony by the indicated deadline in order to receive these instructions.

Questions about tickets?

If you have a question regarding your tickets other than error messages with printing tickets, complete the Student Inquiry Form. Your inquiry will be routed to your commencement coordinator.

Printing Problems with tickets:

After receiving your student ticket printing letter you encounter error messages, contact Aggie Ticket Office at, call the Aggie Ticket Office at 530-752-2471 or go by the Aggie Ticket Office at the Stadium between the hours of 12:00 PM and 5:00 PM for printing assistance. Do not use if you have questions if you are petitioning for additional tickets. Instead use the Student Inquiry Form. See details in the Questions about Tickets section.