UC Davis Science and Climate News https://www.ucdavis.edu/ UC Davis Science and Climate News for UC Davis en Gray Wolf Personality Research Uses Puzzle Boxes, Rain Sticks https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/gray-wolf-personality-research-uses-puzzle-boxes-rain-sticks Novel research out of UC Davis seeks to shed new light on the lives of gray wolves. September 20, 2023 Emily C. Dooley https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/gray-wolf-personality-research-uses-puzzle-boxes-rain-sticks Scientists Investigate Green Sea Turtle Tumor Disease https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/scientists-investigate-green-sea-turtle-tumor-disease <p>A new epidemiological study of endangered juvenile green sea turtles in eastern Brazil suggests that factors such as water temperature, salinity and proximity to environmental stressors could trigger the development of a tumor disease associated with a herpesvirus.</p> August 31, 2023 Emily C. Dooley https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/scientists-investigate-green-sea-turtle-tumor-disease Wildfire, Smoke and Air Quality Experts https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/climate-change-experts-wildfire-smoke-and-air-quality A UC Davis wildfire, smoke and air quality experts list for media, updated for 2023. August 29, 2023 Kat Kerlin https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/climate-change-experts-wildfire-smoke-and-air-quality Wildfire, Soil Emissions Increasing Air Pollution in Remote Forests https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/wildfire-soil-emissions-increasing-air-pollution-remote-forests Nitrogen dioxide levels in remote forest areas are increasang, and wildfire and soil emissions are likely the reasons why, finds a UC Davis study. August 29, 2023 Emily C. Dooley https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/wildfire-soil-emissions-increasing-air-pollution-remote-forests New Drone Research Advances Wildfire Monitoring https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/new-drone-research-advances-wildfire-monitoring UC Davis’ new fire research utilizes drones and ground sensors for early wildfire detection, enhancing firefighter safety and promoting sustainability. August 28, 2023 Jocelyn C Anderson https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/new-drone-research-advances-wildfire-monitoring California Climate Action Grants Awarded to 4 UC Davis Projects https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/california-climate-action-grants-awarded-4-uc-davis-projects UC awards four UC Davis projects with California Climate Action Grants. They'll focus on solar energy, urban streams, health impacts of wildfires and landscape resilience for California Indian Allotment lands. August 23, 2023 Kat Kerlin https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/california-climate-action-grants-awarded-4-uc-davis-projects Deforestation Limits Nesting Habitat for Cavity-Nesting Birds https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/deforestation-neotropics-limits-nesting-habitat-cavity-nesting-birds A UC Davis study of cavity-nesting birds in Ecuador shows the influence of deforestation on their habitat and reproductive success. Nest boxes could help. August 23, 2023 Kat Kerlin https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/deforestation-neotropics-limits-nesting-habitat-cavity-nesting-birds Climate Change Experts List https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/climate-change-experts <p>The interdisciplinary nature of the University of California, Davis, yields a deep bench of <a href="https://climatechange.ucdavis.edu/">climate change</a> experts who can discuss with reporters various aspects of climate change and the many facets of life it touches.</p> <p>Find experts by category in the lists below:</p> August 05, 2023 Kat Kerlin https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/climate-change-experts Clarity, Changing Food Web Detailed in Annual Lake Tahoe Report https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/clarity-changing-food-web-detailed-annual-lake-tahoe-report The UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center's annual Tahoe: State of the Lake Report, describes the past year as one of rapid biological change. July 20, 2023 Emily C. Dooley https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/clarity-changing-food-web-detailed-annual-lake-tahoe-report Skin Disease in Endangered Killer Whales Concerns Scientists https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/skin-disease-endangered-whales-concerns-scientists <p>Scientists studying endangered southern resident killer whales have observed a strong increase in the prevalence of skin disease in this population. </p> June 28, 2023 Kat Kerlin https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/skin-disease-endangered-whales-concerns-scientists Climate Change Likely Led to Violence in Early Andean Populations https://www.ucdavis.edu/curiosity/news/climate-change-led-violence-among-early-andes-settlers <p>Climate change in current times has created problems for humans such as wildfires and reduced growing seasons for staple crops, spilling over into economic effects. Many researchers predict, and have observed in published literature, an increase in interpersonal violence and homicides when temperatures increase.</p> June 15, 2023 Karen Michele Nikos-Rose https://www.ucdavis.edu/curiosity/news/climate-change-led-violence-among-early-andes-settlers A Sustainable Solution: Compostable Wind Turbine Blades https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/a-sustainable-solution-wind-turbine-blades Wind turbine blades are a major source of environmental pollution and waste. Learn how UC Davis is creating an ecologically sound solution for their disposal. May 30, 2023 Jocelyn C Anderson https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/a-sustainable-solution-wind-turbine-blades Global Transition to Electric Vehicles Needs Urgent Support, Report Warns https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/global-transition-electric-vehicles-needs-urgent-support-report-warns A UC Davis report outlines policy actions needed to accelerate an equitable shift to Zero Emission Vehicles in low-income countries. May 25, 2023 Kat Kerlin https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/global-transition-electric-vehicles-needs-urgent-support-report-warns Cleanup of Inactive Gulf of Mexico Wells Estimated at $30 Billion https://www.ucdavis.edu/news/cleanup-inactive-gulf-mexico-wells-estimated-30-billion-uc-davis-researchers-suggest Wetlands, coastal areas and offshore waters near Alabama, Louisiana and Texas have more inactive wells than producing ones. Abandonment could cost $30 billion. May 08, 2023 Karen Michele Nikos-Rose https://www.ucdavis.edu/news/cleanup-inactive-gulf-mexico-wells-estimated-30-billion-uc-davis-researchers-suggest Coal Trains Increase Air Pollution in San Francisco Bay Area https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/coal-trains-increase-air-pollution-san-francisco-bay-area A UC Davis study based in the Bay Area is the first to quantify coal train pollution in the urban U.S, indicating environmental justice concerns for Richmond and Oakland. April 27, 2023 Kat Kerlin https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/coal-trains-increase-air-pollution-san-francisco-bay-area Lake Tahoe’s Clarity the Best It’s Been Since 1980s https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/lake-tahoes-clarity-best-its-been-1980s-0 In 2022, Lake Tahoe was the clearest it has been since the 1980s, due in part to a resurgence of the lake’s native zooplankton, finds the UC Davis Tahoe Clarity Report. April 10, 2023 Kat Kerlin https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/lake-tahoes-clarity-best-its-been-1980s-0 Sierra Squirrels Find Their Niche Amid a Changing Climate https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/sierra-squirrels-find-their-niche-amid-changing-climate A UC Davis study of squirrels in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains finds that climate is just one factor impacting where species make their homes in a changing world. April 06, 2023 Kat Kerlin https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/sierra-squirrels-find-their-niche-amid-changing-climate Rainbow Trout Subspecies Newly Named https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/rainbow-trout-subspecies-newly-named The McCloud River redband trout, or O. mykiss calisulat, is newly identified as its own distinct subspecies of rainbow trout in a study from UC Davis. It was named in consultation with the Winnemem Wintu tribe. March 29, 2023 Kat Kerlin https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/rainbow-trout-subspecies-newly-named How UC Davis Is Growing a Tree Canopy for Tomorrow’s Climate https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/tomorrows-trees-today Discover how UC Davis is planting a canopy of strong shade trees to prepare for the extreme heat waves central California will experience in the next 100 years. March 28, 2023 Jocelyn C Anderson https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/tomorrows-trees-today Humans Are Leading Source of Death for California Mountain Lions, Despite Hunting Protections https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/humans-are-leading-source-death-california-mountain-lions-despite-hunting-protections Humans are the leading source of death for California mountain lions, despite hunting protections, finds a study of the state's lions from University of Nebraska, UC Davis and other California researchers. March 20, 2023 Kat Kerlin https://www.ucdavis.edu/climate/news/humans-are-leading-source-death-california-mountain-lions-despite-hunting-protections