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What made you choose UC Davis?

I chose to come to Davis because of the students. They are engaged, insightful, and care about living in a fair and just society. I also came to Davis because of its long tradition of excellence in research, scholarship, and community engagement. It’s a special and lively place.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by people working hard, together, toward a more just and equitable society. I am also inspired by a well-made cup of coffee, and doing difficult things gracefully.

What research are you currently working on? What makes it unique?

I am working on mapping and statistically analyzing all landfills across the continental United States. To my knowledge, no one has mapped all the landfills in the U.S. or investigated the relationships between all these landfills and social inequality, particularly gendered effects. I also apply feminist theory, such as intersectionality, to environmental outcomes and problems.

If you could impart one piece of advice to our undergraduates seeking a course of study/career path, what would it be?

Study what you are passionate about. Whatever that thing is that keeps you up at night, or interested long after the assignment is due. Think about the way these topics and problems that interest you might relate to one another, even if they seem like they have nothing in common. Always be creative in your thinking. Never underestimate the importance of kindness.

When not in the classroom or conducting research, what do you like to do?

Great question! I love traveling, cycling and rock climbing. I love drinking good coffee with great friends. I enjoy walking and reading (not at the same time!), and going to museums.

Have you found your favorite spot on campus yet?

I have not! I’m open to suggestions.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

What a tough question! I love superheroes, so I think a lot about the downside to every super power. I think, though, that I would like to know everything; to be able to recall dates for every historical event, every book, and how the Higgs boson (elementary particle in the Standard Model of particle physics) works would be incredible. This is probably a pretty obvious superpower given my profession.

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