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A minor in Mathematics trains students in the mental habit of logical thinking and the tactics of problem solving.

The goal of the minor is to foster students'  ability to identify, formulate, abstract, and solve mathematical problems that use tools from a variety of mathematical areas, including algebra, analysis, probability, differential equations, optimization, discrete mathematics. Students who minor in mathematics should also develop an understanding of how those mathematical areas relate to problems from other areas of science, engineering and management.


A minor in anthropology is an ideal complement to virtually any major at UC Davis.
For the minor, the Department of Anthropology offers students a choice among four curricular options: general emphasis, archaeology emphasis, evolutionary emphasis, sociocultural emphasis.


Interested in a degree in Chemistry, but don’t have the room in your study plan to complete a double-major? Have you considered pursuing the minor instead? It’s relatively easy, especially if you have already taken many of the lower-division preparatory courses such as general chemistry, mathematics, and physics.

Soil Science

The Department of Land, Air and Water Resources, Soils and Biogeochemistry Program offers a minor program in soil science. The minor is especially geared toward students in the environmental sciences including Hydrologic Science, Environmental Science and Management, Environmental Toxicology, Ecological Management and Restoration, International Agricultural Development, Crop Science and Management, Environmental Horticulture and Urban Forestry, Geology and Plant Biology.


Oceanography is the study of the earth's oceans, investigating connections between geological, biological, chemical and physical processes in the marine realm, and the interactions between the Earth's ocean/atmosphere system. The interdisciplinary minor in oceanography is for students with backgrounds in any of these fields, as well as those interested in marine policy and conservation.

Nutrition and Food

The nutrition and food minor provides students with basic knowledge about the chemical and biological components of food and the ways in which foods affect our nutrition, health and well-being. With overweight and obesity at an all-time high, food and nutrition play an important role in our everyday health.

The minor is suited towards students pursuing careers in psychology, human development, education, public health, medicine, nursing, other healthcare professions, and business or economics.


Are you interested in the function of the nervous system in animals and humans? The neuroscience minor allows students who are unable to major in the NPB neuroscience track to learn about the importance of the nervous system. The large breadth of neuroscience courses available include molecular and cellular neurobiology, developmental neurobiology, neurobiology of addictive drugs, and cell signaling in health and disease. Students who obtain a neuroscience minor would be able to demonstrate knowledge of the neurobiological processes in animals and humans.


Nematodes, or roundworms, live in practically all habitats. They influence soil fertility, food safety, and other aspects of animal or plant health. They are also valuable model organisms in biological research. Thus, it is important to learn about these often overlooked, but widespread and abundant animals.

The Nematology minor supports careers in plant and agricultural nematology, and provides valuable information for careers in animal, plant and soil health.

Medical-Veterinary Entomology

Due to the pathogens and parasites they carry, some of the world’s most dangerous animals are arthropods — mosquitoes, ticks, lice and others. There is a pressing need for people trained in the biology of vector-borne diseases, due to the persistence and global spread of vectored pathogens of humans and animals. These include protists that cause malaria, viruses such as Zika and West Nile, Lyme and other bacterial diseases, filarial worms and many others.