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Art Studio

The Art Studio program delivers a broad range of hands-on studio practices to the art minor. Areas of focus include painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, ceramics, printmaking and time-based media. Course choices/sequences are determined by the student according to minor requirements. Students are encouraged to explore different areas of focus and are expected to take advantage of beginning classes that provide a critical introduction to the research possibilities within studio art.

Art History

Art History studies the changing visual expression of values, beliefs and experiences across diverse cultures and over time. It provides training in historical, social and aesthetic understanding, critical thinking, scholarly research, and lucid, thoughtful analysis and writing. More than any other discipline art history sharpens its students’ visual acuity and deepens their visual literacy. In so doing, it prepares them to face the increasingly complex visual world we find ourselves in today.

Theatre and Dance

Participation is a unique focus of the Theatre and Dance major, encouraging students to become familiar with the myriad roles involved in planning, producing and bringing performances to the stage. You'll be exposed to techniques of acting, directing, stagecraft or dance as you develop communication, creative and collaborative skills that will prepare you to succeed in a variety of careers within and outside the performing arts.


A major in music teaches you to explore and understand the history, theory, and performance of music. Your professors and lecturers are active researchers and performing musicians, who regularly have works performed, published and recorded around the globe. Students work closely with prominent Artists-in-Residence who give concerts throughout their year-long tenure. You'll also have the chance to perform with our symphony orchestra, band, chorus, world music ensembles, and a variety of smaller ensembles.


A jacket with classic lines and a graceful shape. A website where information is easy to find. A book set in a typeface that complements the text perfectly. An art gallery where the displays flow naturally together. All these items have one thing in common--they were crafted with care by designers. Majoring in design at UC Davis allows you to combine artistic skill and training with experience in practical and commercial applications.

Art Studio

A major in studio art allows you to explore and expand your creative abilities, regardless of whether you plan a career as a professional artist. As an art student, you will develop and practice skills in problem-solving and cultivate your aesthetic sensitivity and visual awareness. These skills and traits will enrich your life, broaden your perspective and prepare you to succeed in any career requiring creativity and artistic sense.

Art History

The language of visual culture speaks across boundaries of history and geography, resonating powerfully in every society. The study of art history is the study of the expression of personal and social truths through painting, sculpture, architecture, photography and other fine and popular arts. As an art history major, you will draw on aspects of literature, history, critical theory, philosophy, anthropology and cultural studies in your efforts to understand the complex reasons that people create, support and value the visual arts.

Sustainable Environmental Design

Urban planners and regional developers shape the physical landscapes of our communities to create environments that frame our daily lives. With an added focus on sustainability, these community builders help ensure that the places in which we live and work are environmentally safe and resource-efficient. Thoughtfully planned communities provide us with liveable cities, smooth-running transportation systems and healthy urban space.